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Twisted Science shaolin monk

these wise Einstein rhymes discombobulate minds, I copulate time, cop tha tape, listen, press rewind ‘n’ memorize it / precise or paraphrased, on tha mic my irate tirades is like crime pays / my rhyme statement is tha statement that Christ ‘n’ Satan both pray to shrines where images of Twisted Science is painted in the same shade my face is / behold, I was sainted ‘n’ excommunicated to the isle of Patmos / my rap flow is heavy like tha menstruation of fat hoes, pagans are trapped material ‘n’ get clapped immaterial / semi-automatic immaculate concepts get splashed, verbal munitions spit nutrition like milk ‘n’ cereal fortified with B-complex, when I let tha sword fly it’s off with tha God’s head / I floss ‘n’ rep tha Godhead, my Hip Hop is beyond tha fleshes, I King Kong the essence, ‘n’ send rappers thru birth canals ‘n’ adolescence direct to convalescence ‘n’ when they’re old that’s when they’ll confess about how Science molested them / I’m on a higher level of pestilence, plagues, death ‘n’ famine / now whose brain’s been damaged? I’ll attack you ‘n’ your gay companion, my Allies is really Axis / the antithesis of swag rappers, cuz y’all fudgepackers is really thug actors, I send scuds at your man’s verse / flashback to ghettoblasters blastin’ Rakim, subtract tha bad words, rockin’ Timbs, pockets is flimsy / got semis back in tha tenement, turgid sentences ‘n’ witticisms, a David Berkowitz mentalist / bearhuggin’ pens like Gentle Ben, ink leaks onto my Timberlands, like Greeks, I get up into shit / very messy, my hairy chest is a pale blessing, snatch your Lil Wayne Gretzky ‘n’ Joe Pesci you till your neck bleeds / just an MC that’s tryin’ to rekindle MCs ‘n’ bring tha culture back cuz tha balderdash y’all spit ain’t close to rap/ you might as well spin around a pole ‘n’ sell our asshole or play bingo, stay away from the elite yo/ my style’s so dope I’m changin’ my surname to kilo, my ego’s so big it’s got its own superego / you cats’ rhymes is stale like week-old Cheetos, you got a weak soul, my heart’s so cold I show up wearin’ 3 coats / my nose is so froze I bleed coke, my rhymes’ so complex you need to disassemble it like C3PO / Spun Fernando Valley tally ho in a Land Rove with Christian Brando ‘n’ twin calicos / your hoodrats dine cans of Alpo ‘n’ got forked hooves like swine, it takes 10 to equal a dime / realize Science is tha God of rhyme, rap gets sodomized when I grab tha mic ‘n’ Jeffrey Dahmer you in tha mind / don’t toy with Khryst the Annoynted, pistol by tha groin shit, I deploy middle fingers like coitus…
Errors in Twisted's lyrics are solely typist's & not reflective of Twist's original handwritten work. Typewritten work is sent snail mail to Twisted in bing, he corrects & returns them for posting.
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