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rakimkoolgrapwutang said "is this basicly the thread for who can say he most amount of nothing with the gr8est amount of rhyming words", just spoutin' words like angry bird shit bullets improper like 2/3'rds. so ignorant his DNA is cancerous hazardous like swine flu case scientifically untrue, what you know about rocket science? it's a science hip-hop defiance like a slayer reigning blood noncompliance. got a collection of Philip k dick books read 'em with no hooks, schizophrenic crazy maybe lyrically lazy like my momma ugly in the dark with good looks. fuck crooks cause i'm Krooked like gonzo art, called steven hawking's for a reference he sent me a 74 page body chart. so complex body smart should have went to yale or then again maybe brown, closed eyes like wise guys great fella's golden scroll shakespeare lion when i'm flying Detroit 20 touch down.
"white crane style"
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