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Default Re: Are dinosaurs 4 real?

Originally Posted by Sweet6
You see, I don't feel obligated enough to correct all the wrongness. But for Christ sake, the writer of this piece admits to be a very Christian man. Understand that's his motive. On the internet you can find all sorts of writings, about UFOS, black slavery, the government and much more. A lot of those articles are rubbish. There's tons of writings about how the Holocaust never happened and most of these pages have links and stuff with proof to back up their claims. When you click those links you'll end up on some semi official page with more bullshit propaganda.

People go far to force their scewed views on matters upon others. Pay them no mind.
Everyone has an opinion. But you can't tell people not to believe in things just because you don't. I can look at their information and be lead to a significant revelation. There's truth in everything. You just have to be able to decipher the logic from the emotion.


"Read everything, listen to everybody, don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your research." - William "Bill" Cooper
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