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what rhymes do I bite? so pale its a painful sight lyrically hurt's like being SHRAP's retarded twin brother named Dwight. DAM you white but I wont spite ya try'n this black mans game, feburary's almost over you need to spit some reparation rhymes I can defame. Own it up like i'm networking the Own channel thank's to you i'll have it canceled, probably a fuckin' yankess fan watchin' YES with black face rats running around like your mickey mantel. grinning wider than armstong holdin' a fucking trumpet, sure you can rhyme but I reign supreme above white supremacist heads cut talk'n shit like my verbal puppet. It's oKKK maybe got more rep power than you can handle it's over half your fuckin' age, see your rage but I ain't the machine to be against spotlight on you what you gonna do when you hit the stage? walk back home Apt. 223 next to dr. dooom crying 'thanks for trying' cause we know, you're lyrically lying N' Dangerous head's go flying need a new name call ya john doe.
"white crane style"
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