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I'm to fucked up spittin' drunk ass rhymes funnier than guy on guy battles during roman times, call it Olympic medal battles when it rattles on ya 4th place no case over that loss turned sour like suck'n limes. get that defeat out ya mouth move on from white mc's can't take the racism this is a black mans game "keep my seat" chill'n in the south, of the Greensboro 4 spit at that door that reads "no black needs equal equalitiy" above the negative poverty underground like rail's driven by the tales of the slave's mouth. south by southwest probably the best place to face people and sitck 'em up for that 'bling-blong', so fucked up gave them the gun 'keep your money' like it's funny stoned harder than weed toke's by tommy chong.
"white crane style"
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