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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

blacker than elvis at night rock'n a white suede bitch cause my rhymes are golden, lost in imagination check you out with out hesitation walk by caught you in the rye like holden. back to them basics seen niggaz in africa sharing bowls with shit on them fingers, infecting some white bitch 'no condoms' needed cause the smell of shit still lingers. mouth full of stingerz bumble loudly remain humble proudly venom's cloudy hit and miss like ball swingers, saw your youtube post rap'n shit reminded me of GZA's don rodriguez singers. two fingers is all your girl can handle claiming she's a porn vandal shits herself when she's tied up near a candle, to afraid for anal mayble she's just anal when it comes to committing front page crimes sayin 'your the best mc' call it a lying scandal.
"white crane style"
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