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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

336 post possible area code ain't promotion where I live but i'm gonna give when it comes to you, stay true maybe a Hebrew jew don't want no beef like a Sioux chief eatn' your humble stew. 'sled we fled' similar to that keith nigga how you figure maybe call it plagiarized sanitized come clean like what you mean?, ain't seen joe smokin' minor leagues of green "typical" hipster funny without words british style mr bean. should have added this to the above post raise that glass like your ass for a death ghost, look at this lyrical host of words best at eat'n birds "cause i'm black you think I chill at the trading post?". you're the most full of it look at me continually going don't know when to stop blame it on the drink, outlandish like badblakksheep fine as fuck that's just me can't you see me sock it to ya cause I knew ya like were n'sync.
"white crane style"
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