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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

start this off like I ran into you at the gas station to station call me the thin black duke aint a blue devil above your lyrical segment, like david bowie i'm lyrically showy scarred not barred see you yelling for help on yelp sinking in mixers of verbal cement. concrete rap's never mind my nirvana state of mind cause i'm out there circling around your mental square, don't care don't dare to swear under your last breath illest to death my minds unaware. using flair just to share my style best live through my beating no cheating only win by a mescaline prayer, never repair eyes from those blinded by me gleaming the cube for air. oh shit my bad LSD flashbacks again could you imagine funky images battle scrimmages, cause were uneven like two broke mc's with nothing to do than stare at our own mirrored images. of that victory goddess call her Jordan's golden meal ticket walk'n around with them tar heel's, defeat causing you to lyrically retreat hope this aint a repeat so you don't get use to how this feels.
"white crane style"
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