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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

shivers through spinal rivers boasting there will be blood and you can't breathe, with that Cousteau technique inhale through ya lung mass causing you to suffer from 'dumb ass' when you toke on to much grass makes you deceive. kiss and pass on girls saying "are u aware I kill @ will" still fuck 'em then duck 'em when they need the pill, cheap thrill slut please your just a tease get off them knees before your life goes tragically down hill. shoot skeet from the hip while I trip on that magic school bus like i'm failing an acid test, kesey flew over you while cuckoo hammers drop from vertical log jammers wanting money its fucking funny truth is we're lyrical scammers. skanner's of a darkly rabbit darko faced straight laced the fuck up when I buck up sideways like cats, fuck that shit my bad who gives a flying fuck about four legged domestic house rats. better call animal control and put O3EY to sleep his rhymes make you foam at the mouth, so dam hip called big wigs married to small pigs to fuck up concert venues south by the sold-out western south. direct coordinates SXSW 36 degrees above what you'll never quite comprehend, so close your eyes and suck your thumb mc's can't handle me cause I ain't pretend.

* had to edit this because no body's perfect but you still try and overlook the first glitch, complain and sustain pain "back hand or front hand" decided for ya cause your a fucking bitch.
"white crane style"

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