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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

once is the best time for prime crime body slime busting out of ghetto's hidden stiletto's slugging for a supreme rhyme, second time came through double clicked the old school video game controller controlled the hold make ya fold out like a cold dime. 3rd times the charm in this harm of war like i'mma score in this animal farm, IVth time around pound 4 pound surround you with sound wake up call "your lyrics is shit nigga" verbal alarm. my cinco gland swollen can't stand a bland message trying to tell me something in sand codes, randy 666 rhodes aka osbourne's bitch guitar slayer satan's rock sayer lost at death's cost roaming angle's roads. seventh heaven on blue ray cause your gay only got it when Christians roam your house, wait for the hate full housed can't stomach this shit like I already 8, lucky 9 verbal line slow to it cause it's mine like a sign inside the wine vinard of the dead mc vine. malcom in the middle of guns slinging X times over never rap sober sway everyday leading crime on my own time. learn to count before I amount a massive account on ya dome, call me Henson like a white benson invade the crime scene in your home.

fuck this post
"white crane style"
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