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Originally Posted by Dr. Simon Hurt View Post
I kind of agree with claa7, that he was 'somewhat' of a revolutionary... a 'bed-in' for peace is a far cry from standing in front of tanks, hurling molotov cocktails at police, getting sprayed by firehoses, attacked by dogs and overthrowing governments or antiquated social systems.

I have tremendous respect for Lennon, and everyone knows how much the US government fucked with him in the 70s...but he was no Gandhi, or Che, or MLK. He was a social revolutionary in the same way that Bob Marley was. He spread a revolutionary message in his art, but he wasn't really 'on the front lines' fighting for change. If I'm incorrect or ignorant of some facts, let me know.

Peace to Mr. Diggs.
Spot on!

Being from John Lennons city (Liverpool) i vcan vouch for how much of an idol he is

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