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Originally Posted by BRASSKNUCKLED PAI MEI View Post
so close your eyes and suck your thumb mc's can't handle me cause I ain't pretend.

nor will I defend you or pretend too, for those who have no path live a life uneventful, content to live a life looking out a broken window, with no drive to get out just living resentful, of the haves, as the havenots make decisions that are regretful, bad intentions drive the spirit to be unrestful, boasting about materials they can't afford but contend for, as they spend more and point at others becoming blame whores, lame bores, they drill into their brains leaving huge holes, complaining they are overworked and stay sore, so pay me as the price of living rises I'll pay more, our credit soars and the bills become unmanageable like a lame whore, who doesnt want to get fucked but be paid for...O3EY and abstain more

come on ben I know you can diss me better than that..
"white crane style"

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