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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

one inch dick technique wanna learn it? go seek assknuckled pai mei a pink belt often felt white nerds make the best pet bitch birds, chirp'n like a blood don't got a life with a male wife living in san fran and a fan of them dodger turds. I'm above coming at you ben cause in the end it's fucking obvious I'd win have you ponder life at the golden gate, no hesitate then jump off mid masturbate get'n off when that water splash like a slave slash rehash that anal gash cause your just shit bait. go and read my bitch blog queer fumes fog setting the scene holding hands with your hubby gene, it's funny that you wanna start shit but after all them posts you STILL can't come correct to effect my higher intellect so wipe my gizz out your mouth and again come clean. not trying to be mean but your as lucky as a hand full of traded dick beans, plant 'em in your ass hope a stalk of homo niggaz grow out ya mass and rage against you like machines. ass pai mei you remind me of carradine asking is this guy trying to kill himself or thrill himself, oh wait that's the end like kill bill your below my verbal skill make space for you on my 'worst mc's ever' shelf.
"white crane style"
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