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mc's is falling like it's a true calling of duty faggot fruity head mic's yelling against Canadian dykes who break badly, cause it's sadly tragic like Orlando's magic team giving away balls gladly. speaking of sports I thought I saw you on the Paralympics keeping the curling team going by sucking 'em off, in between rap's grabbing stones reenacting throne games imagine dragons on your facial cream team trough. rumor has it if they win gold you'll lyrically fold and grab that dick and make 'em cough, don't care about the hype saw you on skype trying to fuck barn animals in your cheap loft. whatever man it's cool cause I'm a fool quote ya and then insult ya cause i'm vicious like your my prey, call it gay IMO whatever nigga you're the uncle 'tom' ruckus quoting my rhymes then insult me like an affront from assknuckledeep pai mei for you to obey.
"white crane style"
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