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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

spiting self defense cause shit's getting tense recharge like your large sized up like mini me can't you see i'm the best lyrical mc, never be a golden g have you freeze up and seize up like a drew breeze bronze cup full of piss drink my dis internal cause your infernal using kung fu anal chi. I don't play when it comes to wu shit forum thread rappers call 'em ass dick clappers with million plus post like your funny trying to boast, good thing your on the west coast cause i'm opposite way less post and you already beef'n told you earlier your a sad mother fucker like chris tucker burned like Nazi toast. mix'n rhymes you later spat in my roast as a host of the AVN homosexual pai-mei awards, this can end with you trying to be friendly to me or a eternal opponent cause I already owned it like white and dangerous ARSENAL's of drug lords.

cheers pai mei your rhymes remind me of tottenham fc
"white crane style"

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