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Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
darts hit the bull's eye in tenth grade my high grade got the entire school high
stoners that'll slice your eyes if they can't see a skunk supply
how are you living? without rules my impossible surpass cruise
I'm no uncle Tom or crack dealer tricking on your moms
though my acid tab hits had her stripping on the lawn
your tripping I give ass whippings for putting lips on my bong
so strong the smoke has the entire crib fuming
got rappers sliding on thin ice like players for the bruins
get ruined on the annual rap ruin reunion
trust in a firearm to address states and unions
televised so tune in to verbal assault
larceny specialist who's never been caught or brought before your honor
a disappointment to ear-drums like wu-stans who miss the old cappadonna
they found the starter of the drama bleeding out in the sonar
with nearly purple skin blue in the face cowardly men
under suicide watch for never being able to pick up the mic again

funny I read this shit while listening to liquid swords. fits perfectly.

keep up with that young pup stared never scared tilt the head back while say'n 'whatitdo', Sydney (lil' bill) Cosby shit don't want to get on my bad side and end up in pittsburg town corner clown penguin down carved up head eschew. miss the next world cup cause I got it "wanna see it? stand there and stare into the barrel don't worry my bullets ain't sterile" hit ya before the kick off, STD's had ya running around naked and yelling your dicks telling on ya cause you walk around saying 'no condoms' and ya dick fell off. Cinderella story but more gory cut the head then took it from the bed to the shed famous story visit the house of bloody horrors, heard you were conceived there again 'no condoms' cause I stole it and pin holed it now your here like Kerouac hipster explorers.
"white crane style"
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