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You ready to roast these blunts
I got iron lungs, sucker emcees can get sunned/
Never stunting without working these darts
Making minds looks first before rip bars/
Short jokes get subpar so you ribbed on
Broke your shackles, and watch you get ripped and mangled
Watch them bangles that dangle trying to shield ya from agents/
I ainít hating Iím just making truth outta the booth
You trying to show and prove, so make ya next move/

I happen to be happy to tell you that I happen to find your rapping to be crappy

To Believe What You See Naturally Is All That's There Is What I Perceive As A Tragedy

stone cold, i break the mold
freaks the fold, caste system ya chastize
i bastardize rapidly rip though tacklers with
mickey and mallory emcees face me in my art gallery/

I'll Be Viewing Portraits You Can't See While We Listening To Silent Emcees

paint color fictionalize in life, divine mist valley types be desert mongrels
get authored by valient mayors of there own friction to smart to be fiction
get kicked out of English class for poor diction

^^ The Bible to me is basically an Epic Tale of Science Fiction//If Christ died in the Electric Chair Christians would pray to a fucking Chair instead of a Cross right ? A technically lesser violent modern day form that's equivalent to Crucifixion ?

Indiana Jones of rhyming, bust relics of rappers get tombstone pile drive
on the canvas, break minds divide by time when cats think there duelist
i pull of my greatest magic trick and banish them to SHADOW REALM!!!!
FOR ALL EXISTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/

torture the flesh of resting remnants,
testament to the pleasure of psychotic gene sequences
M.C. Sinister in three sentences,
the Soul Sorcerer eating souls of Lui Kang apprentices

apprentices are needed to darth you up vader
said no the sith emperor ever/
i'm a starkiller, spit distillery willed thriller
back to being that type of cruel villain/
my intention is the invention concept to predict
what cha couldn't even conduct without an orchestra/

orchestra pits, aligned with the forces of sin
form corroded and bent,
ghosts tormented by the performances of pens

post it notes quoted magical seals unveiled by the daggers i weld
yield to know one, man,moon, sun or child
i am vile throughout the nine realm
like thor i abhore violence
only vigilance is needed
to heed the creed
of greedyness
just another
deadly sin
come to life

one of seven born,
my breakfast is foe's flesh, severed and torn
burned, embellished and worn,
I stand corrected as Satan's scorn

born to live, dying off the quicker than stats can predict
speak on the land, open your hand
smoke cans get cha grass
cash in your credits
your still in debt
just relinquish
in distinguish
lavish marvel
hades in hating
fade these
made these
seen through
these lenses
so just take
this text
and attempt
to edit it
like an editorial
making it an obituary
spitting spiritual
ethereal to anything in stereo

like Barry Gordy's "Glow",
you'll get buried like old eighties clothes
salty trails are sown
across the faces of those slain and changed to ghosts

Iím outta my mind
Dusted by the grind
Busting outta my spine/
Speak mine
Drink mine
Fuck mine/
On my grind
This is how
I do meÖ
Cruise G
Bruise B/
Got to watch cha stool G
Rummage through the pain/
Crushing the game, masking pain
Touching flames, busting out blades/
Trusted illustrating
Now Iím being labeled
Iím Ill-fated/
Iím not jaded
Iím just cascading/
Draft day
Mask my ways
Shafting those that pays/
Caste out my system
Coming from the bottom/
Rocking the throttle
Trying to go fast
Had to be furious/
Now I bury this
What cha worried for? /
I ainít about this
I ainít Barry
I ainít Joe
I ainít those ya know/
Just know I am outta
My mind, whatís next/

SHEEPISH....Take A Deep Breath I Promise My Friend I'll Free You Before The Sun Sets

Beyond Imagination Dealt The Inebreation Of Creation I've Felt Patience Lacerations

stone cold dropper sapsucker samurai acumen operate documents
leave you prominent tackle out cha drama's gin, abbreviate
loan out knives when i evacuate/

Digging In The Crates That Are Coffin Shaped I + My Heart That I'll Give You Dracula's Fate

Cross cases, get played like the smallest violin in world
Fasten your mind, strap in your soul

glass in my eye, gats on patrol
emperors of the past, kings under present control,
crack peasant bones,
at funerals caskets are closed

mask in gold, shatter bones break heats streak thru wiki-leaks
take on these iron shieks thinking they unique
when my force-chokes faded them like vader/

invade foreign shores, faces deformed breathin vapors
break backs of any fake bat crusaders

thorn in ya side like a poison ivy
leave you frosty, frozen dead haven for a cool breeze
ya might wanna watch for the hook indeed
catch me, i'm a hannibal necromancer
deadly blade worded orator/

deadly blade worded orator

inside my mind is heaven or grim
kush the rap oracle evolving 2 dimensional realms
inside of a worm hole sparkling spinning gems
you white boys cant jump above the rim
my latina bitch is rosey perez thick
pussy stay slick take a long dick
cook and clean and don't say shit
im paid bitch
born rich no cotton fields or slaveships
neopolean hill think and grow rich
paper stay green like the grench

blaze ya mind, straight out cha hairline
looks like ya rhymes is at 9am but cha flow is delay via a snow storm
suckers get long blown through the hands of mercy
you ain't vise versa, your avarice ain't potted
gimme a dichotomy i'll open you up like an anatomy class/

what's that smell? did you open a factory of ass?
this is how your opponents fell, laughing as you passed.

castaway dastard flames bastards like those whom roam
looking for god get slain for walking misguided lanes
lames get sliced through the tracks
without accepting premission to get on a track with the tired act/

Tired act
Ran sack the shack just to acquire crack,
To speak the truth in the booth is what that liar lack,
I perspire fact
While they spit a lie I try not to respond to that...

pyro rap infusion get disillusioned
and dissolved like C-E-O with no L-L-C involved
credited editable tapes get grapes of wrath
draft more sets than a bunch of bottle caps
labeled magic hat no. 9/

Rip asunder spines with heat like its summer time, full of catchy words like bumper signs, no ones safe in this lyrical war as i place bunker mines in the front of minds..

graphite minut types get face wiped with twins type of snakes
shake and bake, fake out you frugile weights
welters get swelter by the flames i expose you lames
malicevorous fork your endorphins with skills smarter than dolphins
rest in the cold with coffins/

Fold ya thoughts in im bold n thoughtless leave ya with holes from when the glock spit, im abnoxious venemous lines laced with toxins

closed to the opposite, you're a spore, a population of one
never a trillion more your infectious, a biohazardous degenerate
get cha self exposed like toxins in a 3rd world country/

Hurl flunkys down the stairs of chucky cheeses i have a grumpy thesis that makez people scared like having a lumpy penis dumping heathens that act facetious

Titanium steel force to ground u at will or round house u and shatter your grill/ Malaysia flight drill was taken up in ezekiel wheel for world wide appel/ the mystery hidden/ the knowledge forbidden/ the universe is a hologram/ while reality is trapped in a jam

New ages got us too courageous one line rhymin wit da dude dangerous
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