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came thru, seen the corner holdin' up teddy bears
a vigil, I automatically knew who was dead
18th and rockland, ain't heed to rock man
on his soldier shit, keeping drug niggaz off land
knew it was coming to him 'cause it ain't nothing to 'em
to keep channels 3 to 57 comin' thru wit'
news reports of statistics, logun section, guess I missed it
two weeks ago dude was vigilant
now he recent history 'til we ancient, reminding me that we ain't shit
I mean dude meant ay'thing he said, and what he said made sense
said he ready to die for this when the drug cats make a come back
that he had his shit to bang with when it was war that toured on his doormat
that what he had to do was for the children
to make it safe for 'em to live, and I thought let's just hope HE lives
because I know nigs is not playing out here, it's flaming out here
even though it snowed eight weeks in a row or more, shit's HADES out here...
...just wanted to say r.i.p. to the bul named Huf, 18th & Rockland, LoGun [logan] section, philly pa..

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