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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" Taking actions that have to reveal the pain of anothers outcries, how we must tend to what should be concerned, most patterns getting contracted with their limited value, the difference would not be able to accomplish anything, that would be of help, having to create a central place for lost beings, that they would dwell amongst, captured at a certain point in the universe, the earth was then formed from substance and matter, with all beings having centred their elements to give immense purpose, from then being able to generate within itself, others were placed so could notice their wrong, many distructed themself from this and got engulfed with the patterns of the worldly system, that had become permanent, for the difference was recycling lives, always having to get a new one, and there were those of the first kind, that had started the cycle witnessed to this day, as all kinds had to test the strength of struggle, the reward which was survival, though become possessed with what was not, yet notice how simple it is to convert from the one path".
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