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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

can't fuck'n rap no more minds sore KO'd knocked down call it a classical score, honest bore with more shit fucking rap's call it ghetto crap's like VD clap's from your whore. maybe more or less shrugging my mind's mental shoulders between lackadaisical dreams for better rhymes, under impressive lyrically passive aggressive click "add to MY shitty reputation" give me some change cause your strange like fish shit dropping a steaming 20 bars of terrible dimes. got a better idea i'll go watch a French movie that can bring the pain, unlike reading verses occult lovely Satan curses talking gibberish can't understand call it La Haine. the hate can't wait for the next grateful white boy to come and bring it dangerously, saw that he was the reason they can't find that Malaysia plane taking aim as he shot it down aimlessly.
"white crane style"
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