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O3EY drunken mastaO3EY drunken masta

decided to switch my rhyme over for awhile like your girlfriend hanging out at the dosshouse cause she's done up like a kipper, tried to flip her but she claims she aint duff taking it in the jacksy like a stripper. rode her with no johnny on my john Thomas cause I promise to only secretly fuck a khobhead, bitch with the fine knockers in the cheapest knocking shop lashed and passed out near dead. thank you while I keep my lolly cause she's a mark miffed and stiffed, she friends with my best mucker she has the greatest mare with a minge makes ya cringe and shift. nicked her virginity cause she's a sonic youth nutter in the gutter always pie-eyed, sometimes a annoying pillock i'll take my punt on her cunt before the blue's and two's come through I'm scally aka british sally with arsenal pride. "see a man about a dog" undercover American black brother with two shiner's while I slash on ya to sod off cause I was steaming with spunk, here's a tenner go wank cause I'm the winner imagine twat dragons wankered while you reek of mc's who minger like a skunk.
"white crane style"

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