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Wow, this board needs me back. Well, here's stuff that I'll share wit y'all...

Klive Kraven ft. Beretta 9,C-Rayz Walz & Klee Magor - Saloon Slumdogs

Klive Kraven ft. Beretta 9,True Grit & Kairo Myth - Chess With Heathens

Da Killah Genius ft. Beretta 9 - Lyrical Brutality

Icabod Chang ft. Beretta 9 - Sharps

Fes Uno ft. Black Knights - Lionz Out The Cage (Prod. by Skarekrow)

Wyte Mic ft. Rugged Monk - Wu Tang Sword Style

Seven33 ft. Rugged Monk & Killa Brew - Dart Gallery

(Not sure where Killa Brew from in the Wescoast Killa Beez but he's sick!!!)

The Wild Core ft. Prodigal Sunn - The Present Tense

Method Man ft. Eliis Hall III (E3) - Never Hold Back

(Not sure if this is on any album....)

Jersey Shore - feat. Frukwan (Gravediggaz) - Jersey Shore - Club Hits

(I cant believe that this shit exist....)

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