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Originally Posted by ShaDynasty View Post
Its not all about record sales dude. These guys are my favorite group other than maybe Wu, i would love a new album from them more than any other act. I've been hoping every year that they will come back and bless us. I'll take seeing them later this year and 2 solos in the meanwhile.

I hope this tour gets them back creating together.
I agree, that wasn't the point I was making though. I love EPMD but putting them as the closing act of a music festival wouldn't be a great idea. Outkast lost the momentum on that extended hiatus and were never so big that legions of people were chomping at the bit to see them again. Just look at the crowd, half of them didn't know who they are probably. Just saying they need to get back out there and rebuild their hype before you put them out their like that
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