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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" Other decisions had been made, what others later experenced, and those that had been likened to what was not, getting to know better with different explanations, all could have taken its course, but had to change to fully comprehend, taken back to past actions, with patterns that later showed their cycle, which could be appreciated, how would use one continued developing others with that in mind, split with its own varied effect, noticing some of past conclusions, for at the time was differed, did not give much attention to the occured situations, now with most participated, yet had been real so the true concern is not openly known, yes and know the mystic amongst its atmosphere, the beginning had its difficulty, willed to get better, now the chosen getting closer, other things had to be organized soon, and are honestly wanted, but is to keep the constant communication so others varied resistance would have no great strength, often displaced for had to be left not having a clue of the proceedings, for was the only one that could change the present position, trying to get proper, and seemed to be getting more similar, had talked to those for a long period which had its circumstances, but was natural to be able to control, yet very used to consuming the surroundings, before not knowing that this was one path, all things that must be manifested as one to proceed and prevail".
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