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Default Re: Basketball Thread

Originally Posted by Liquidswordsman
Well what a season from Ron Artest to Manu dunking at will in the 4th. The game was a classic. Sheed got fucked. Horry became greatness. Manu dunk at will (LMAO). Ben had like 7 nasty dunks. Billups showed he was ready for whatever they had for him. Rip had his mask, Prince was everywhere. Best of all Elden Cambelle stumbled onto the court (i think he played before the shot clock was invented and with kurt Rabus), some how Big Dogg Robinson won a champioship, and the damn homo in the Valvoline shirt was behind al and hubie!. All i have to say about the game is that any game 7 should be played on a neutral court. Both teams earned their way into the final game of the season, beacuse one won more games in the regular season is a joke. If that game was played in a nutral site i think the game might be still going on. As sure as i am that Bill Walton had fake teeth put in, i know that the Spurs are going to keep this championship run going. No egos on the team, just long term contract through 2010. So as look back on the year all i can think is........Kobe did what to who? Damn what a shame.

Congrats Big Shot Bob, 6 rings is a shit load of diamonds.
Timmie D 3 MVPS and a free ticket the the Hall.
Brent Berry best free agent signing?

Stuart Scott.....................good job on the eye tonight

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