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Originally Posted by AWelshKillaBee
I wanna pick this up Priest is the man my favorite outa the Wu-Fam. Is Hell Razah in this group?
yeah it's Hell Razah, Priest, William Cooper, Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King.

Anyways, I'm hesitant to call this album classic... and even if it was good enough, the damn album is only like a year old!
- The lyricism on this album is just the best out there for what's been released for the past few years.
- William Cooper and Tragedy surprised me quite a bit, in my mind they weren't lagging THAT far behind.
- I don't care what anyone says Killah Priest (my fav. rapper, nevermind just wu fam) destroys the mic on this album.
- The production overall was pretty good, but not only needed better beats, but some of them sounded too similar and boring
(BTW, "mayday" is not one of them... I love that beat!)

anyways 8/10
definetely cop'it
"The sacrifice, close my eyes and the fire come forth
Start spazzin then I blackout, I'm grabbin my Mac
Clap at the dragon, the beast, that paddin my streets
It's organized in the hood where we gaggin police
I wake up stabbin my sheets, see the monster grabbin my feet
Pullin me beneath, havin a head like Bill Gates
With a mouth full of platinum teeth
Imagine my grief, I'm gaspin, blastin my heat
The assassins"

- Killah Priest
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