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Default Re: Reputation System FAQs

Originally Posted by Prolifical ENG
Dont know why it was tried to see if it was "soft" deleted.

Actually, you can set the prop bot this board currently has to leave who gave you the feedback. I remember Jordi had it so anyone user could see before the crash. That setting wasnt saved when the boards were backed up. The current admins never decided to activate it again.

Right now, it seems like only mods can see who gave them the props....I noticed when I became a mod I could see the names.

So I guess its really up to the admins....there is a negative aspect of letting people see, if they decide to give negative rep....then it is possible for someone to abuse the system and give negative rep to the person how left them negative when they deserved it

Edit: see, I can see that you gave me rep on this thread and you didnt leave a comment....and I dont have an adminCP

it just needs to be set so all users can see.
I beeeeeeeeee agreein.... it shud be.....

aight peace.
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