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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" When music was before, vast civilizations had not been formed, creation having not yet existed, many worlds with their distructive state, going past within the relm of the forgotten that reigned, now confined to their domain, by strengthened beings that had opposed, yes and they must still exist and create their own becomings, how truth hurt now having been hidden, those that survive through other creatures, and can dwell with all that is to be upon, for they where elements of those past creators that had lost appreciation by many for them, the actions that others supposed, as those that tried to be amongst, not part of that kind, what was imposed did not have to force others without the pure intentions that have been placed, why should they ever remember but they still keep coming back, though had to purposely take the advantage of those before the first known beings within existence, as they watch what is in occurance, knowledge that revolves within the ancients that can be remembered, what had been taken as was the effect of those that had been in process, the cycles had to be in self protection, doing what is only in the interests to discover these new creations, that had been labelled, and now all knew that had been overcomed for they are those infinitely past that have dwelled before creators of humanities own, and have had their own immortals within the universe, that could have been a pattern of the untimed unknown".
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