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Default Re: Are you a Divine Being? A simple yes or no will do.

Originally Posted by Shemsu Elohim
Wish I could say it's that simple.

However the current situation of this planet shows that it is not(because we are ALL responsible).

The only thing Divine in us is the Essence or Buddha Nature.

Everthing else is related to Shaytan(the ego).

Until we eliminate the ego(s), and blossom that Buddhata or Buddha-Nature into a full blown Soul; we are, like Takuan Soho said, nothing but vile rice-eating worms crawling on the face of the Earth.

The Christ Yeheshua said

“With patience ye will possess thy Souls.”

Most of us do not posses our Souls, because we have not created the Mercabah or Solar Sahu.

Until then, we are not true Human Beings; just intellectual animals.

We have not incarnated the Monad, because we are a multiplicity of egos or as the New Testament says: a Legion of demons or "I's".

The crude reality is that Divine Beings don't kill and enslave each other, fight over beliefs and dogmas, curse one another, etc. This is all Satanic.
Good info to add to what I was building off of last night with my Brothers, but are you yes or no. I feel you, don't get me wrong. I see exactly what you're saying. Regardless of my ego my essence will never change and due to that aspect of me I am Divine, whether know it and show it or not.


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