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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread

Pc free Poetry

Believe what you want to but im tellin you shhhh listen to the winds message of foreign mutitude of achievments and how you can see this if only you believe in you thats the clue to accomplish anything its all on you magma eruption feed off the hot flow of lifes gravitational pull and relise its not completely holdin you down we all had wings once but as fallen angels we must test ourselves to not depend on clouding items and make due with what we posses call it a Magiver if you will your free child your free run wild lakes mountains valleys cities strollin grass trails to allys from the bricks to the valley fuckin shanana or sally anyone can talley

"Mother is the name of GOD on the lips and hearts of all children" - The Crow

"lyrics you cant even figure yet, i came here to smoke a donut and eat a cigeratte" - warcloud
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