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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" Chosen ways that one tries to reflect their intentions, had to be guided from what continues with, and to inflict what is of no concern, for is the character that has taken, all needed what is only normal, how others had to second question each moment thought, seemed to occupy the present which is supposed to be in action, taking revelations that leave one seeking what is only artificial, but still there remains what had cheerished together, distance having been shed outward, to give general purpose symbols, retracted to seem misled in correction, thus received what had been given, could take it in anyway for was part of the existent, time had progressed, those that left where only to be recognized by their inferior agitations, to partake that wanted various methods to pass on so would be equalled, other things that had to be taken alone, with experiences shown upon the attitude, soon realized what seemed insignificant, was to change the environments entirety".
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