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Default Re: Hip Hop mp3's exchange thread

Originally Posted by reupcoil
In the spirit of droppin' dopeness, I thought I'd give back to the forum after getting some great tracks from everyone else. Hope it ain't been posted already or if the links go shook on y'all:

Common Sense - Resurrection (1994) - Nuthin' To Do (with a nicely sampled ODB hook):

Vast Aire & Mighty Mi - The Best Damn Rap Show (2005) - Friendly Fire:
yup, common track is one of my favs.

let's take this thread back to posting dope shit

in case ya'll ain't heard it here's a re-up of the first track posted in this thread; shit is banging. one of my favorites beats ever.

Outlawz - Hard to Imagine

and here's a dope ass reggae joint. i kno it ain't hip hop but fuck that ya'll r gonna feel this anyway. shit was in the belly movie. prime time shit.

Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
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