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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" How had longed for so long, the choice seemed to have its effects, the taken had been revealed, but was a waste, only able to keep in a better form, till took the more advantages, for had started in a different type, now is the way, what was to be appreciated, all having been worthless, should not appear to be illusioned, as the real purpose would be witnessed when actions taken, others that knew but left off what could have been, many had to contain their own image, that which had to be done was fulfilled, yet was right to those true in self, that did not have concern and was done for the well being of the moment, now coming to terms and have taken meaning, soon left only to be forgotten, yes and was not to be there, for was to be no sympathy, days that had passed many that where to come, did not really know the purposes, but had to remain in form as all beings dwell amongst heaven, just a process of the patterns placed upon this earth, some seemed to have less meant, but distroyed the memories created, where trying to phase out other things, as its important".
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