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Default Re: worst sexual incounters

Originally Posted by born invincible
all my friends was outside chillin and i had this chic up my room one night right... they all outside smokin and jokin and shit... im knockin boots and shits all good... then my momz is knockin my bedroom door talkin bout what yall doin up in there. im dick deep upside the broad and i can hear my friends outside laughin at my mom.. meanwhile my mom is steady bangin on the door while im tryin to get my nut. basically im like, "ummm.. we talkin"!!! LMAO... shit was crazy funny. so i finish up and me and the hunny go back outside and cats are starin and laughin and shit. was all good tho cause i got me a good nut!!!!
Man your mom SO knew you were fucking. Awesome story man HAHA.
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