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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread


" Had to keep in the proper way, tastes of different types, were given towards the extent, operating individually as they proceeded with only their own purpose, once was placed would be able to not continue, there was no restoration, as the cycles dissolved with their own existence to distruction, only the lessening of the given length, what others did not know, were given the desired plan, that could not sustain, noticing those that had not been, some revealing their personality, for knew what type it was, would not mess with that, already caught in its own retaliation, yet had started as though was not real, which soon stole the other part of the living, did not want any chances place, with reasons not displayed, now many seem to purpose their own wanting, and were only seeking another path to penetrate ones point, but all had to be equally balanced, what did not worry, and non that formed once thought, all being the real thing, yes and had recognized how one is replaced or not trully known, took the way to endeavour that which was normal, still relating of what could not have done, seeming to be in the proper yet not, always one must be able to recultivate, in new cycles and were still in progress, given the distance to complete all, yes revolved in its centre, for had brought the proper effect, that should be always and had to give some space".
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