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Default Re: The Official Food Thread

Originally Posted by check two
Thanks Vegan, I'll pm you soon. I was also interested if you buy organic and natural non-food products such as toothpaste, soaps, deodorants, etc.
I use all natural, vegan products when it comes to those, too.

I use Tom's of Maine brand deoderant and toothpaste. I use a variety of soaps, some locally, hand made by other vegans and others by companies like Kiss my Face who makes an excellent olive oil/aloe soap. Jason, and Natures Gate have good lines of Shampoo, so does the Trader Joe's in house brand. Househould products are also vegan. I usually by products made by Earth Friendly. I run the gamut when it comes to buying ethically sound products. I have two pets of my own and I'll be dammed if I buy products from companes who test on animals when I have a choice not to.

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