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Default Re: worst sexual incounters

This friend of mine (his a photographer)he knows a lot of people in town, even in our neighborhood. When we walk with him you know he always delays us. But he has a number of customers. So we are in town, going about our generall business doing nothing for the weekend (just pushing time on the watch). And we are up town in the avenues (by the area were there are "lodges" )were backpackers can spend a evening or two (those who can't afford hotels or motels), they are always Nigerians in that area or Congolese. So he enters this "lodge" we all know that its a lodge were prostitutes live, us innocently thinking he is atteding to a customer he took photos (not porn-just family photos). After some time (we send someone to go check on him) so this other friend (a girl) goes to the room were he had gone to call them. then she comes back and says he will be with us shortly (you know how it is in prostitues houses- that you can be practicing sex, whilst another girl comes to ask for condoms- or says don't make to much noise shes trying to sleep "she just had a number of clients, another is coming soon"), so he comes out and we ask him what took him so long ("where you taking photos till this time-his like yah"), so we're like anyway lets go, then the girl he was fucking runns saying hey you forgot your other condom, you only wore two when we were fucking, those ones i threw away in the toilet,since some sperm dropped on your shirt ( and for sure he had a wet spot on his shirt).And there are no water taps in that room!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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