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Default Re: 5% Nation and Suprmeme Mathematics

Originally Posted by Poisonous Rebel
For some time now im stuck with a question...

Im wondering how RZA thinks about white people who are Wu-Tang fans themself, and have read the Wu-Tang Manual and have learned and studied about the 5% Nation and The Supreme Mathematics, and how it says that the Black Man is original man of Planet Earth, Black People are the fathers and mothers of civilazation etcetera.....

Now I know the Wu-Tang respects their white fans from all over the world, but what does he expect the white people that respect wu-tang to think of this study, and how the white man can never be part of the 5% Nation?

Does this also mean white people can never be teached the 120 or count in the 9 basic tennets of The Nation of Gods and Earth?

I was also wondering how other Wu-Tang fans on here (Im intrested in comments from both black AND white people)

P.S Im white myself, thats why I would like answers,

Im Light Skinned. but im MEXICAN, and i study the Science.


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