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Default Re: wu confessions...

A small 1 is that I wanna see generals on here at soem point even on a once a month basis to interact with us and let people see wits happenin wu-wise. Good chance to voice opinions n ideas about shit, learn shit n just build wit Wu. I reckon in music terms Wu have the most dedicated n supportive fans even if some are dicks, so we deserve some tiny feedback.

Ma main wu confession though, either I donno enough about the situation or Ima get slated for sayin it but fuck it. Its that I feel ODB needed help and direction a long fuckin time ago. N after watchin that shit about him on vh1 or mtv a few weeks before his death where it was revealed that only Rza visited him while he was inside... I was gutted man. Fuck knows though, maybe they werent allowed. But Rae said in an interview on Radio they just didnt wanna see him like that. I bet he felt different whether he showed it or no.

But still, there was always signs of dirty needin help n not just through his drunken style of rhymin, just somehow gave out a desperate vibe nah mean? I could see the worst for dirty years a fuckin go and nobody listened to me, coz same kinda shit happened to a fam member of mine. And when I would defend the great odb on here some of u muthafuckas up in corp were shittin on him right up till he passed then the tones changed. So I remember that shit n im kinda pissed that more people didnt help odb n back him up, be it wu, his family, his fans, wucorp, whoever.

Some fags even went as far as callin me a dickrider for sayin people needed to stop shittin on dirty n support the man till he got shit right. But I emphasise the word fags coz they know they are, mofos would get stood on in real life.

So that brings me to the next point. As much as I love Wu and sport n defend em to the death, I can never see Wu being the same without ODB. Not only that, but I donno man, future albums could damage the legacy. Fuck knows. Rza n shit know better I spose so if they go on Ima go on sportin em anyhow. So I hope shit flows well for Wu and ODBs sake. But I doubt it.

Anyhow, rest in peace to ODB and aye, Wu-Tang forever!

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