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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread

I pray to my father, that he may give me the strength and energy to wake up every morning/
My father prays for my safety on the streets, Other mothers wake up to a different mourning/
Senseless acts of random violence plague my city, as mayoral candidates promise change/
History repeats itself, their words are lies, the winner will win.... But brothers will still be begging for change/
That's our future, Detroit city is gone, deleted like that, we allowed the typist to white us out/
While outside Detroit suburban teenagers worry about who they are going to take out/
While I plead in my vehicle that no one stands in the way of me as I commit a robbery I hope there is no one I have to take out/
You have to do what you have to do to survive this is my life/
And God grant me the strength to withstand a 25 to life/
Sentence history repeats itself I told you all, my seed is on this path, and he was even before he was thought to exist/
I wouldn't want to exist If I knew life would be like this/
I'm not a thug, I try so hard, Kweli don't know how hard it is just to get by/
People tell me to follow that straight line that straight road out of povery/
I was born in a circle, there was never a straight line for me to follow/

History repeats itself

Khan, Napolean, Hitler who will try world dominance next?

History repeats itself..........
Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

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"The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
gift thats why its called the present"

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