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Default Re: The Fuckin Chatroom

Originally Posted by Sicka
i was just thinking about that since there's so many cats from different countries here, and i remember reading how there's informants holding down rappers like "tru-n-livin"(if u ever heard that).....i was thinking, maybe 1 member here was like an undercover cop or whatever there callled...fuck it, sounds stupid, i doubt there's spy's in wucorp. oh well, that was the reason I thought about it cuz of the whole 9/11 bombing and the fact that in america it seems like the government is trying to rule everything an keep there eye on everything. they bust so many people in this county for drugs like weed, its nuts. peace, no i dont think there's bitchass cops in wucorp. other than that, who know's what bush is doing, the guy pisses me off.

sounds like something an UNDERCOVER COP might say
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