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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread

i wrote this whilst drunk...

'who goes there??' yelled the curious blind creature
as the uneasy tresspaser picked the monsters apples
the creature yelled once more 'who goes there???'
the theif did'nt reply
scared for his life he ran as fast as he could back to the bench
the bench on which he had been sleeping for the last week
only untill he got a job and some money
he was left in the cold
neck stiff
nose runny
the next dy he returned to the creatures rest spot
he didnt have a choice he had to eat!
he wore some year-old rags
And bread bags on his feet
little did he know
today he would die
whilst walking down the street
he picked his fruits as usual and began to run as usual
when he was suddenly shot
how unusual ...
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