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Default Re: 5% Nation and Suprmeme Mathematics

Originally Posted by SubliminaL_tha_7th_BorN

true indeed, regarding Allah being the author of color, that is peace and has to be respected.

...color fascinating....with regards to nature and wherever else it may present itself.

with regards to men, phenotypic infatuation is interesting..but can only get one so far in scientifc is extremely minute, limited and practically insignificant when in comparison to the Genotype of the homo sapien sapiens. It is what's "inside" that determines the "outside." A globule of cells INside the womb of what we all are at one time...with dna and other cellular components/instruments that are vital for life.., cells divide..different things move off energy...embryonic development processes begin....and continue on.., the genetic information stored within these realms....gets alot deeper than...any phenotypic attribute..that is only a small result or manifestation of what is inside. I'm more interested in the content of the book..instead of its title.., just my opinion with all respect.

in other words, when it comes to studying and analyzing the genetic makeup of the original man, i'd be far more concerned and interested in his (our) genotypic attributes/qualities.

without the "genotype" of NATURE herself...the world would be a pretty DEAD and bland place.

3 is best


I respect your response. But I want to add to it. In an experiment I did with the Fruit fly we started with 8 Fruit flies. Four of them being male with Red eyes and curved wip tips and the other four being female with white eyes and with normal wing tips. After breeding the fruit flies produced various eye colors and different patterns of wing formation. Some of the eyes were colored red, white, black and some of the wings were curved, normal, and notched. With all this being said Genotype is important most definitely. But the Phenotype is like a window that shows you what type of genes are housed inside specific organisms. Granted we are not on the level of Fruit flies but the molecular science of Genetics
can be seen in people also. The Quran states that Allah created all things in pairs this may be true here, Genotype cannot exist without Phenotype.

The universe is full of knowledge. Everything in the universe is truth. There is nothing false that God created, and as long as you live, if you live to be 1,000, you could never exhaust the knowledge that is in this universe.
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