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Default Re: wu confessions...

Originally Posted by wadedigital36
here's a confession for ya:

i dont think 36 chambers is the "album of GOD" that many make it out to be. i think the lyrics are the second worst of the clan albums and the beats are absolutely the worst of the clan albums. i can understand the impact it had on people but i think the album is quite forgettable. one of the most outdated sounding album i've ever heard. the beats sound like Rza made them by rubbing two sticks together. bring the ruckus, mystery of chessboxin and 7th chamber remix are nice tracks but the rest of the album is odiously boring.

and another thing,

what exactly did this album start other than wu-tang's career? this didnt start of the trend for group solo albums...tical, return to 36, cuban linx, and ironman did. other than a lot of people liking it, what was so groundbreaking about this joint. cypress hill and house of pain were already makin stuff like this.
I'm....i'm at a loss for words here. Wade I thought you were the most logical guy on here man. Production on 36 Chambers is bad? I honestly cannot believe this. That album is timeless, not outdated.
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