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Default Re: wu confessions...

Ok here I go, Lord help me

I only started listening to Wu-Tang 2 years ago, before that I only enjoyed songs like Gravel Pit and Protect Ya Neck( The Jumpoff), I wasnt really into them. When my brother gave me the 36 Chambers CD, I thought it was aight, nothing special. My bro learned me how to like that shit tho', he taught me to really LISTEN to music, not just to hear it. There's a huge difference in listening and hearing. Thats when I finally learned to appreciate TRUE Hiphop, im blessed. I had the CD in my discman every day all day for 4 months straight, no bullshit. My bro really got me into their shit, I now own the whole wu-collection, group and solo, apart from like 4 or 5 cd's. I listen to their lyrics and learn from their shit, it deffinetely changed my life, by that I mean I have learned to appreciate so much more hiphop artists, I got more into reading, into history of africa and asia, chinese movie flicks, my whole lifestyle and the way I look at certain people, and im thankfull for that. I will expand my knowledge with help from the Wu in the future.
Peace, Wu-Tang Forever
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