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Default Re: why does eveyone hate on post-illmatic?

Originally Posted by the messiah
people think that nas fell off because thats what jay-z said in takeover, and people usually take sides with hov cuz mainstream heads dont even know who nas is.
I dont think NAS has fallen off.....but as far as making consistenly good albums goes.....I dont think NAS has made one since IT WAS WRITTEN where I did not have to continuely hit the fast forward button (besdides LOST TAPES which was awsome).

like IAM (4-5 great songs), NASTRODAMUS (2-3 great songs on a shit album), STILLMATIC (last 5 songs blow....BRAVEHEART PARTY?), GODS SON ( most consistent album he has made since IT WAS WRITTEN), and STREETS DISCIPLE (alot of great tracks, but alot of filler too).

That being said, with a NAS album you always know there will be some classic tracks.......but since IT WAS WRITTEN there has always been alot of medicore tracks as well
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