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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread

Bequeath II

" Firm as always, yet it always changes the appearence, this is not to worry, from long before and life, continued in the way, as memories become more vulnerable to realities past, and seems to be different, but has grown with in it, yet is the same surrounding, in its own process, what it gives is slow in communications output, in its own decreased cycle, for its present and might is only true, the vast changed, we are part of the change, the less things that don't experience the smaller, try to create great pace, as all this will be soon and eager to fulfill its part, as it has, one in all vastness, many try to be of its being, distroying the patterns, and think just to the point, all was real and gentle, as was a position to undergo various things, but should not influence our mind unnecessarily, yes and must proceed, those are just places that one time shall be recalled, it was a better place, how difference joins when there is set a goal, that can be distroyed, with basic conflicts, for cannot be damaged if willed, the moments took theirs, what has to be reality is passing and shattering came those spoken, with the strength was for only that, right attitudes created with few differed".
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