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Default Re: MOP and Mobb Deep signed to G-unit it happened

damn....u see its attitudes taht gets hip-hop no where..i got respect for this and hope they do get all make good isnt shit.....and if they do feel themselves..its abotu damn time..Mobb and MOP havnt came out from that street bullshit ever.....bout damn time they start moving up.......hope somthing good comes out of it......for they dont have to rhyme about how fucked up the world is when we all know, and its funny most kids listen to this shit i think they feel them when they dont even experience that shit.....and they think they know whats up with the only reason why the mainstream becamse popular was because of the money...thats what all the sad lonley fucks want to hear cause they dont have nothing else......all big events in tehis world evolve around money........its just about whos the greediest to do what and be around what.....anyways back to music......i hope they try to make somthing of it...thats it
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