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Default Re: 5% Nation and Suprmeme Mathematics

The Father Allah is the one who taught Azeral..not Clarence 13x.....why not use the name that shows and proves that he was God and because of him bringing knowlege of self of who God really is to those who were forgotten. I don't know anyone in the Nation of Gods and Earths who calls the Father Allah Clarence 13x. He helped draw us as a nation to our fullest equality so why do some of us keep him below our fullest equality by calling him Clarence 13x. He is my Father because he is Allah the Original Blackman, God of the Universe, not because he is Clarence 13x. I don't come in an cold current so don't take it as such. Just sharing some of my understanding with you. Add on to share yours. Respond private please. I leave as I came in Peace.

True Self Peace Allah
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