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Default Re: MOP and Mobb Deep signed to G-unit it happened

i think if mobb listend to littles and utilized their enormous infamous mobb family to build thier team. instead of doing themself and leaving everyone in the hood..
mobb deep could have became a real huge threat to the industry and made rap history...but jumpin' on to sign with 50??????is crazzzzzy!! unless they use this opportunity to get infamous mobb in the spotlight... ya kno!
if you've heard the mobb deep west coast mixtape hosted by big mike awhile back
you know mobb can still come gutter as ever,they ain't fall off at al!!!!

isn't it ironic that i was juss explaining to my wife how g-unit is fake gangster music, and that you would never see any real hard m.c.'s do a collabo with them, because they realize his gimmick!i even said these words "50 and m.o.p. track will never happen" goes to show anythin is possible in this money run world...

i juss hope that this doen't lead to them(m.o.p.) losing their street credibility...
and honestly prodigy hnic2 juss won't fly not now not never... they need eachotha... and recently i'm starting to think havoc writes better versez then big head p.

this is gon be entertaining at tha least!!
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